My roles: 
Product Designer, Brand Designer
THE Project

ZemoBank is a Brazilian fintech created with the purpose of innovating the way in which the companies perceive and experience payments; and  their mission is to make a positive impact on the Brazilian financial market, where they aim to innovate the way that the incorporation companies interact with money, providing a payment experience that is easy, automated, and transparent!
Ease, simplicity, and transparency in the payment integration experience
ZemoBank has a comprehensive payment infrastructure that integrates with your ERP system.
The challenges
- Reposition the  Zemo naming, branding and Products;
- Unification of the Zemo mobile and internet banking experience;  
- Creation of an user-friendly bank app for incorporation dealers;
- Designing of an app that fits incorporation and dealers' needs;
- To have a sense of control and transparency;
- Creation of a collaborative relationship with the incorporation dealers; and
- Improvement of the Zemo rating on app stores. 
Research and Analysis:
We have invited a limited group of users from the beta testers mailing to test the product and provide feedbacks. This helped to identify and fix any last-minute issues, following the steps as below:
- Conduction of a comprehensive analysis of the current app's strong and weak points through user surveys, feedbacks, and app store reviews; and
- Research of competing finance apps to identify design trends, best practices, and potential differentiators.
We are always in contact with the dealers to drive product evolution. For the initial upgrades, we have conducted a series of Customer Empathy interviews to understand how we should proceed to validate our hypothesis, along with remote research and feedback collection.

Throughout the process, we have created a new look and feel with fresh branding, leading to several other studies and tools to validate our approach, mood boards, A/B tests, and subsequently, more user testing sessions.

In order to give a Zemo a memorable identity,  we had taken a strategic decision to revitalize the perception of the entity in the view of the stakeholders. We have reshaped the entire identity and added changes in messaging, design elements, values, and also the company's mission and vision.
User Personas
The ZemoBank user personas represent different types of individuals who engage with bank and mobile technology. These personas are created based on real data and insights during our own research.
Ideation and Wireframing
- Collaborated with cross-functional teams including marketing, business, developers, and banking automation experts.
- Brainstormed and sketched initial ideas for the app's new layout, navigation, and features.
- Created low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the new user journey and interface.
- Translated wireframes into interactive prototypes using design tools.
- Conducted usability testing with a small group of current app users to gather feedback on the proposed changes.
- Iterated on the design based on user feedback, focusing on improving navigation, discoverability, and content organization.
Visual Design
- Development of a new visual identity for the app, including a fresh color palette, typography, and iconography; and
- Designing of high-fidelity mockups for key app screens, showcasing the new look and experience.
Feature Integration
- Introduction of new features such as quick income to enhance user engagement; and
- To ensure seamless integration of third-party ERP systems.
The solutions
Zemo - no seu tempo (On your time concept)
"On Your Time" concept represents a personalized and flexible approach to managing and utilizing time effectively. It recognizes that each individual has unique priorities, routines, and preferences, and aims to empower them to make the most of their time in a way that aligns with their lifestyle.
Key Elements:
Personalization: "On Your Time" emphasizes tailoring schedules, tasks, and activities to an individual's needs. It recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to time management might not be effective for everyone.
Flexibility: The concept promotes the idea that time management should accommodate life's unpredictability. It encourages adapting plans to unexpected events while still maintaining a sense of control.
Efficiency with Purpose: It's not just about doing more in less time; it's about achieving meaningful outcomes. "On Your Time" emphasizes focusing on tasks that align with personal goals and values.
Balancing Work and Life: The concept acknowledges the importance of achieving a balance between work, personal interests, and relaxation. It encourages individuals to allocate time to all aspects of their lives.
Technology as an Enabler: Technology plays a role in supporting "On Your Time" by providing tools for task management, scheduling, and reminders. However, it's used mindfully to prevent overloading or dependence.
Continuous Adaptation: Time management is not static. The concept suggests a continuous evaluation and adjustment of routines and plans based on changing priorities and circumstances.
Stress Reduction: By allowing for flexibility and mindful planning, "On Your Time" aims to reduce stress and prevent burnout by promoting a healthier approach to time management.
Transparency & Control first
We have reimagined the ZemoBank graphic elements, reports, and digital interfaces to provide users with a greater sense of control and transparency.
We have also suggested to open and clear communication of financial information; it entails providing accurate and accessible data regarding income, expenses, debts, investments, and any other relevant financial activities. Transparency in ZemoBank is a cornerstone in building trust among stakeholders, whether they are individuals or organizations.

Banking features
The ZemoBank has been revolutionized  the "Pagadoria" industry by technology, bringing  innovative features that have transformed how individuals and businesses manage their finance. From the convenience of mobile app to the security of biometric authentication that offers a new dimension of accessibility, efficiency, and control.
Mobile Bank App
Access at Your Fingertips
ZemoBank Mobile banking app has¬†become a reference for¬†real estate agents and incorporation dealers¬†. With the Android and iOS apps, ZemoBank customers can access their accounts, check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even use Pix ‚ÄĒall from the convenience of their smartphones.¬†
ZemoBank Design Ops
The ZemoBank designs  were made to improve, adapt easily and expand a foundation that can accommodate new features without requiring major overhauls or rework.

The results
Business Outcomes
In ago 2020:
"The number of app download was above 73% "
"The number of registered users was above 86% "
"235% increase the appstore rate from 2,5 to 3,5 in 2 months

Source: ZemoBank Database
Product Outcomes
Most recognizes "Pagadoria" system in Brazil
Monnos Token (MNS) has been listed on the biggest and most influential crypto exchanges and platforms around world. 

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