My roles: 
Product Designer, Brand Designer
THE Project

Z ON is a super app that was created aiming the integration of the financial services and corporate solutions of the ZONTA Group and Condor Hypermarkets. The Zonta Group is a conglomerate of companies operating in the retail sector, with operations including Condor Super Center and "Gigante Atacadista"; in the real estate sector; in fuel stations; in logistics; in credit administration; in meat and cold cuts processing; and in the advertising sector.

The challenges
- Creation of product naming, branding;
- Creation of an user-friendly super app for the costumers of supermarkets of ZONTA Group;
- Designing a financial app that fits to the supermarket costumers' needs with wide flexibility;
- Creation of a collaborative relationship with the ZONTA Group C-level; and
- Launch of the Z ON app on app stores.
Research and Analysis:
When we started working on the project, the product had not been named until that time. Therefore, we have decided to explore though the products of the ZONTA Group and Condor Hypermarkets that already existed; and, by brainstorming sessions with C-LEVEL executives, we have understood the common goal of the stakeholders. So, the following steps have been put into action:
- Conduction of a comprehensive analysis of the current app's strong and weak points by brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders; and
- Research of other competing finance apps to identify design trends, best practices, and potential differentiators in the market.
Naming  discovery
Then, we have decided to engage the C-level Stakeholders in creative brainstorming sessions, in which team members or stakeholders had the opportunity to generate a wide range of potential names. No idea is too far-fetched during this phase, which is normal at the beginning of this kind of process.
Branding Design
User Personas
Condor Hipermarket Costumer: 
About 75% of the consumers in the ZONTA GROUP are over 45 years old, and only 56% are familiar with mobile device-based financial control and access.
Source: ZONTA GROUP Database
Internal Client:
 86% of sales agent are woman
Source: ZONTA GROUP Database
Ideation and Wireframing
- Collaboration with cross-functional teams including the departments of marketing, business, developers, and banking automation experts.
- Brainstorm and sketching initial ideas for the app's new layout, navigation, and features.
- Creation of low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the new user journey and interface.
- Translation of wireframes into interactive prototypes using design tools;
- Conduction of usability testing with a small group of current app users to obtain feedback on the proposed new changes; and
- Interaction on the design based on user feedback, focusing on improving navigation, discoverability, and content organization.
Visual Design
- Development of a visual identity for the app, including a fresh color palette, typography, and iconography; and
- Design of high-fidelity mockups for key app screens, showcasing the new look and feel.
Feature Integration
- Introduction of new features such as points and referral program to enhance user engagement; and
- Achievement of insuring a seamless integration of ZONTA GROUP companies.
The solutions
Z ON - ZONTA ONLINE (Digital Ecosystem)
The Z ON super app was designed to integrate all financial services of the ZONTA group and provide convenience and security to its customers.
Z ON Design Ops
The Z ON designs were made in order to improve, adapt easil and expand a foundation that can accommodate new features without requiring major overhauls or rework.

The results
Business Outcomes
In the first month:
"The number of app downloads was 3k "
"The number of registered users was 7k"

Source: Z ON Database
Product Outcomes
Naming, Branding and first version of Z ON card were developed in 2 months; and
The appstore average rate was 3,5 in 2 months.

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