My roles: 
Product Designer, Brand Designer [Principal]
2019 to 2021
THE Project
Monnos is a Brazilian cryptocurrency and financial services platform that offers a mobile app for trading and managing various cryptocurrencies. The Monnos app is designed to provide users with a simplified way to buy, sell, and manage their cryptocurrency holdings. It aims to make cryptocurrency trading and investment more accessible to a broad audience, including those who may not have extensive experience in the crypto market.
The easiest way to buy and sell crypto.
Monnos is the cryptocurrency exchange with the easiest trading system on the market, offering affordable rates, and more than a hundred assets available to trade.
The challenges
- Designing a crypto digital product from the sketch;
- Simplification of the copy trader for enthusiasts;
- Creation of an user-friendly crypto app for banking users;
- Designing an app that fits crypto enthusiast's needs;
-  Offering a sense of transparency to the users;
- Creation of membership levels by the use of Monnos Token;  
- Creation of a collaborative relationship with the Monnos community; and
- Getting Monnos Token listed on the most important crypto list and platforms.
Pre-Launch Phases
We have invited a limited group of users from the investor board and community members to test the product and obtain feedbacks. This helped to identify and fix any last-minute issues.
Research and Analysis:
- Conduction of a comprehensive analysis of the current app's strong and weak points through user surveys, feedbacks, and app store reviews; and
- Research of competing crypto and finance apps to identify design trends, best practices, and potential differentiators.
The community is the center of our strategy; we are always in contact with the members to drive product evolution. From the initial changes, we have conducted a series of Customer Empathy interviews to understand how we should proceed to validate our hypothesis, along with remote research and feedback collection.

Throughout the process, we have created a new site map with fresh content, leading to several other studies and tools to validate our approach, such as heatmaps, mood boards, A/B tests and, subsequently, more customer interviews and useful feedbacks.

Research during Alpha Phase
Source: WhatsApp and Intercom
Monnos users map during the Beta Phase 
Source: Intercom
Community Voting 
Product Translation by Monnos Community
Product open feedback
Navigation Feedback
User Personas
The Monnos user personas represent different types of individuals who engage with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. These personas are created based on real data and insights during our own research.
Ideation and Wireframing
- Collaboration with cross-functional teams including the departments of marketing, business, developers, and crypto experts;
- Brainstorm and sketching initial ideas for the app's new layout, navigation, and features; and
- Creation of low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the new user journey and interface.
- Translation of wireframes into interactive prototypes using design tools;
- Conduction of usability testing with a small group of current app users to get feedbacks on the new proposed changes; and
- Interaction on the design based on user feedback, focusing on improving navigation, discoverability, and content organization.
Visual Design
- Development of a new visual identity for the app, including a fresh color palette, typography, and iconography; and
- Designing high-fidelity mockups for key app screens, showcasing the new look and feel.
Feature Integration
- Introduction of new features such as personalized investment plans, price tracking, and social investment to enhance user engagement; and
- To ensure seamless integration of third-party crypto exchange and track platforms.
The solutions
UI/UX most convenient for using crypto
In order to understand what is expected of a crypto trading app, we have analyzed the top 10 crypto trading solutions, i.e. we have been authorized to have them tried.  
As a result, we have established a list of key elements the users want to see right away when they open the app: the chart, depth of market, orders, and quotes for currency pairs. Following you can see the elements we have implemented on the main screen in Twim.
Security First 
While cryptocurrencies allow cybercriminals to remain anonymous, hackers also take advantage of the exposures and areas lacking security of new crypto projects. By stealing the account keys of crypto wallets, attackers can permanently lock users out, gaining access to their assets. And that is why crypto accounts must be treated with maximum caution.  Monnos has advanced security features for a consumer-based wallet to give a piece of mind to crypto enthusiasts.
All-In-One crypto App
We have figured out what enthusiasts and power traders want from a crypto trading app. The former only need the app to buy or sell cryptocurrency, monitor portfolio statistics, and keep an eye on changes in opening interest or close a position at any time, if necessary. All of this can be done on a smartphone.
For power enthusiasts, however, these options are not enough, they need a larger screen and a full-out trading terminal so they can analyze the depth of the market or place complex trade orders.
Power enthusiasts do use mobile apps as well, but only to take a quick look at open positions.
Taking this into account, we have implemented two versions of the crypto trading app ‚ÄĒ one for smartphones and the other for tablets.¬† ¬†
A Bitcoin wallet to buy more than 100 cryptos in seconds
A wallet with a quick Buy feature you can buy more than 100 cryptos instantly. The user just needs to select the assets and the amount. 
Monnos Card
With Monnos' Virtual and Physical Card, you can convert over 100 cryptocurrencies into Brazilian Reais and use them in your daily life.
Monnos Token
The MNS Token is the way that Monnos has found out to grow with its community, providing the possibility of earnings in accordance with the advancement of the business over time. Come to Monnos, let's grow together!
The results
Product Tutorials
We were responsible for the end-to-end design, behind our role identifying opportunities, designing screens, validation with users, and delivering to the developers. 
Product Update
Business Outcomes
In May 2020:
"The number of registered users was above 60%  
"350% increase in assets under management (AUM)"

"Monnos had users from over 100 countries with 55% of them concentrated in Asia‚ÄĚ
Source: CoinTimes
Product Outcomes
The best-rated all-in-one crypto app
Listed on the best exchanges in the world
Monnos Token (MNS) has been listed on the biggest and most influential crypto exchanges and platforms around world. 

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